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Vegetarian Restaurant "La Faim des Haricots"

When we opened
our first...

When we opened our first ‘la faim des haricots’* in 1996, people thought we were nuts. Whereas there are vegetarian restaurants pretty much everywhere in the world, Toulouse is probably the last place on earth where meat is still an obligatory part of your meal… it was kinda like opening a steak house in India. Being Texan makes me stubborn to the point of being stupid. Thanks to this positive trait, my wife and I persevered and today we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.

If you come in to any of our restaurants, rest assured you won’t find any politics in your plate. Politics usually has a very bitter taste that people dislike tremendously. We are not trying to make a statement about big agro-business as it’s practiced in the world today or about alternative life-styles. Our goal has been, and remains, to offer a great meal at a reasonable price. Come in and experience our All-You-Can-Eat salad buffet with its twelve composed salads (curry courgette, endives-nuts-goat cheese, hummus…); our AYCE dessert buffet (carot cake, chocolate tarte, bread pudding, five different flavours of ice cream…); our AYCE quiche buffet (at least two choices presented each day such as honey-nut-goat cheese, feta & tomato, curry onion…); our AYCE dish of the day (a Jamaican stew, a sweet and sour vegetable dish…); and, in winter, our AYCE soup of the day (spicy lentil, pumpkin, leek and vegetable…). All home made, all you can eat.

*a French expression equivalent to ‘the straw that broke the camels back’. Translated literally: the end of the bean.

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